Preschool teachers are indeed superheroes. They are multifunctional individuals, having to keep track of many children, planning exciting lessons, maintaining organization, and maintaining time management skills. Preschool teachers have many duties outside of lessons and children’s activities. They also have to keep track of parent-teacher relationships, social media interactions, observations, and keeping track of attendance and grades.

Many resources can assist preschool teachers in planning exciting lessons and in keeping organized in all of their tasks. Below you will find five resources that every preschool teacher can use. Technology can be of great assistance.

1. Pinterest

Most teachers, including preschool teachers, use Pinterest for planning exciting activities and exciting lessons. There is so much more to Pinterest than just searching lesson ideas, however. It is possible to maintain the organization of your school year through the effective utilization of your boards. You can also find information on the newest teaching methods and behavior management ideas. Finally, you can connect with other preschool teachers.

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2. TeachersPayTeachers

TeachersPayTeachers offers what you may not be able to find on Pinterest. It has pre-planned lessons and activities that are organized by age group. Click on the preschool age group, and you can find many ideas. Other teachers for teachers create these ideas. Some do cost money, but many are free as well.

3. PreKinders

PreKinders is a resource that is dedicated to preschool teachers and is run by a preschool teacher in Georgia. This resource contains lesson plans, activities, and tips and tricks. Every week, you will receive a newsletter to your inbox with more tips and tricks. Materials are organized by theme or by specific subject materials.

4. Brightwheel

Brightwheel is a mobile application that is easy to use that will assist you in your organization. It contains everything you need in one app. It will help you stay in touch with families, track events and activities, and keep parents updated. Parents can receive real-time updates through your application throughout the day, directly to their mobile devices. The app also offers attendance for check-in and check out. Finally, it provides billing systems if you have any control over this part of your preschool.

5. Red Ted Art

Many consider Red Ted Art to be the best website for craft and art ideas for young children. It is run by a mom in Great Britain. She posts creative crafts and activities regularly, with most being focused on seasonal activities. This is especially helpful if you teach via themes. New arts and video tutorials for them are added weekly.


As a preschool teacher, you have to wear many hats with the many duties you have. This can sometimes be overwhelming. Utilize the resources listed above for your assistance in planning lessons and activities and maintaining organizational strategies.

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