Utah Education Programs provide reliable Christian preschool resources for teachers and parents, offering encouragement and loving care for each and every child. Our goal is to work as a team with teachers and parents, sharing ideas about the development and growth of children. Teaching children is our passion. Collaborating with you is our strength.

We believe that every child is a wonderful, talented, individual, designed for a special purpose by God. By providing preschool resources, we hope to develop strong Christian values that will help guide the development of the child. Because every child’s needs are unique, we offer a variety of perspectives on the various issues, concerns, and unique aspects of early Christian education. The growth of your child’s spiritual, emotional, social, creative, and intellectual abilities is our shared passion.

As parents and teachers, you want the best resources for your children. Studies show that children develop literacy and self-regulation skills in preschool. We are here to work with you as guides, reliable collaborators, and friends. Together we are furthering the conversation about what it means to teach our children. The lessons we provide today will turn into the values our children rely on for a lifetime to come. Utah Education Programs lives this mission every day: to support teachers and parents in the most valuable task of teaching kids.

There is a growing trend of parents seeking out early learning opportunities for their children. Changing family dynamics and new research on early childhood development have spurred us to learn more and do more to educate and nurture our young children. We know, too, that early religious teaching can help develop positive social behaviors in children. This is the core of what Utah Education Programs aims to offer.

Our Goals

The following goals guide Utah Education Programs in the preparation of the resources we provide to you:

  • To develop an awareness and love of God.
  • To nurture respect for God’s creations.
  • To grow the social skills of your child.
  • To establish Christian values.
  • To explore the preschool developmental curriculum that best fits your child.
  • To further the conversation on what it means to teach at the Christian preschool level.
  • To truly collaborate with teachers and parents, those at the forefront of childhood development.

Our Purpose

To work with parents and teachers to provide you with the resources you need for the early education of your Christian preschool child.